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SC43 East Troy ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY (Conduct, Weapons, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug)

SC43 fully endorses the Zero Tolerance Policy

Conduct Policy

Players, team officials or parent/spectators will not at any time address the on field officials (referees) for any reason either verbally or with gestures during or after a game for the purpose of questioning, threatening or intimidating such official.  Coaches may only address field officials (referees) during the game to continue the normal function of the game (substitutions, time left, etc) or to question a call in an appropriate manner.  Not following this policy could result in disciplinary action by the SC43 Board of Directors.

The game will be stopped by on field officials (referee) when a coach, player, team officials or parent/spectator display inappropriate or disruptive behavior that interferes with other coaches, players, team officials or parent/spectators.  The on field officials (referees) will identify violator(s) for the purpose of warning or removing coach(s), player(s) team official(s) or parent/spectator(s) from the field area.  Once coach(s), player(s) team official(s) or parent/spectator(s) is removed, play will resume. Lost time will not be played. 

Inappropriate and disruptive behavior shall include:

  1. Using obscene language or gestures
  2. Taunting officials (referees), coaches, players or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing or threatening
  3. Fighting/pushing
  4. Throwing objects onto the field
  5. Entering the field of play during a game
  6. The use of any battery operated horn/noisemakers
  7. Possessing alcohol, alcohol consumption or intoxicated individuals
  8. Possession of any dangerous weapon (guns, knives, etc)
  9. Any situation that is deemed unsafe or dangerous

Violators escorted/removed from the field are gone for the remainder of the day. Failure to leave the field could result in a forfeiture of the game and or the proper authorities will be notified.  Field officials may end a game to protect the well being or safety of the participants or the spirit of the game.  Violators who continue to not abide by the “zero tolerance policy” could be suspended from one year to life.

No Bullying Policy

SC43 has a strict No Bullying Policy.  The club believes that every player has the right to attend SC43 functions in a secure and nurturing environment.  SC43 will not tolerate any form of bullying or cyber-bullying, nor will we tolerate retaliation against any person who reports bullying, provides information during an investigation of bullying, or witnesses or has reliable information about bullying. 

Bullying can include, but is not limited to, insults, name calling, threats, teasing, intimidation, pushing, shoving, kicking, spreading rumors, destroying someone’s belongings, ignoring or excluding someone, writing any negative or threatening comments to or about another person.  The club acknowledges that this policy cannot eliminate all bullying instances. However, with the cooperative effort of the BOD, the coaching staff, and the players and their parents, we hope to make our club a safe place for all members. 

If any player involved in the SC43 program feels they are being bullied, they should bring this information immediately to the attention of either their coach, the board of directors and/or their parents.  This can be done either verbally or in writing.  They should describe the details of the incident (including names of people involved, what occurred, and what each person did and said, including specific words used) along with including any witnesses that may have seen the incident or have information about it.

Not following this policy could result in disciplinary action by the board of directors and/or local law enforcement authorities.


Weapons Policy

Firearms and weapons are not permitted, concealed or not concealed, with or without a concealed weapon permit, while upon any SC43 facilities (practice and/or game facilities), without specific written permission from the club president.  This policy applies to all members of the SC43 organization (players, parents, coaches, referees, field managers, etc).  Authorized bag searching is permitted at all SC43 facilities, if necessary.

Not following this policy could result in disciplinary action by the board of directors and/or local law enforcement authorities.


Drug/Alcohol Policy

Alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs shall not be possessed, consumed or distributed before, during or after any game and/or practice or at any other time at any SC43 facility. 

Not following this policy could result in disciplinary action by the board of directors and/or local law enforcement authorities.


SC43 Discipline Procedures/Process

Any reported violation of the SC43 Zero Tolerance Policy as outlined on our website is subject to an official inquiry by the SC43 Discipline Officer (President).  After an inquiry has begun a full reporting will be made to the Board and a Discipline decision rendered.  Any person that is the subject of a Discipline Inquiry will be given the opportunity to present their version of events to the Discipline Officer.  In addition, the subject of an inquiry will be afforded the opportunity to appear before the Board to answer questions and/or state their version of events before the Board makes an official decision regarding Discipline.

Reporting a Violation of the Zero Tolerance Policy
Any Board member can be contacted to report a violation of the SC43 Zero Tolerance Policy; either in person, via email, or via phone.  Board Member contact information can be found on the SC43 website under Board of Directors. In addition, on site reporting can be made to any Coach, Referee, or Board Member at any game. Please be prepared to provide the following information to initiate the Inquiry
a.    Time, place, type of infraction, people involved, other potential witnesses.  Be as specific as possible.

Inquiries can be initiated via an anonymous report, however for the most accurate and thorough Inquiry the Board asks members to give their name and trust that it will be held in confidence if requested.

Once an Inquiry is initiated
The Discipline Officer (President) will notify the Executive Director and the Vice President once a report of Violation has been taken and that an investigation has begun. If there is a need for the Discipline Officer to recues himself/herself due to potential bias or conflict then the Vice President will assign another Board member to conduct the inquiry and report to the Board. Witness statements will be collected as soon as possible from 1st hand witnesses. Every effort will be made to complete the Inquiry within 1 week of initial report.

The Report will be provided to the full Board at the next scheduled Board meeting unless the issue is related to safety of players, coaches, referees, or other members.  In this case, a special meeting of the Board will be called to adjudicate the complaint swiftly. The subject of the complaint will be interviewed by the Inquiry Officer.

Once the Inquiry is Complete
The report will be read to the Board and provided to the Secretary.
Subject of complaint will be given opportunity to address the complaint.
Discussion will be conducted according to current Rules of Order.
Motions from the floor to close discussion according to current Rules of Order.
Board will then decide upon validity of complaint & possible discipline.
President will notify the Subject of the Board’s decision and further direction.
a.    If involving a Coach, the Executive Director will follow-up with Subject.
b.    If involving a Referee, The Referee Assignor will follow-up with Subject.
Secretary will enter outcome into the Board’s monthly minutes.