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Futsal Frenzy Tournament Rules


Number of Players: (U9/10) 3 field players and Goalkeeper, 3v3 + GK. (U11-U14) 4 field players and Goalkeeper, 4v4 + GK. Maximum rosters sizes for each age group will be as follows: U9 – U10 = 12 players -  U11 - U14 teams = 15 players.

Length of Game: 2 x 20 minute halves with 3 minute half time. Teams will switch ends at the end of the first half. The clock will run continuously, time can only be prolonged to take a penalty kick. The League committee reserves the right to shorten or reschedule games if necessary. Players shall exit the field immediately following the game and shake hands off the field of play.

Mercy Rule: If a team is trailing by 5 or more goals they can add an additional player to the field of play. 

Player Equipment: All players must have the proper color jersey/shirt to participate. Teams must bring an alternate jersey color to every game in case of conflicting colors. First team listed is the HOME Team and any conflicts in jersey colors HOME Team MUST change. Goalkeepers must be in a distinguishing color shirt from either team. All players are required to wear shin guards. Due to the close proximity of play, a player shall not participate with any jewelry (rings, ear rings, necklaces, metal/dangerous knee braces and casts or any other equipment that may be dangerous to another player). You are playing on a gym floor, NO CLEATS! Regular indoor shoes (flats) are required. A size 4 futsal ball will be used for all games.


Start of Play: The visiting team shall kick off in the first half and the home team shall start the second half. A goal may be scored direct from a kick off after a goal or at the start of each period. The ball is in play once it is touched.

Substitutions: substitutions may occur, on an unlimited basis and “on the fly” from their own team end, provided that the player leaving the field and the player entering the field do not participate or create an advantage while they are simultaneously on the surface. The players leaving the field are obliged to do so as quickly as possible and at their assigned end. Infringement – Free Kick.

Goalkeepers: a GK has possession any time he has a part of his body covering the ball unless he is using his feet as a field player. Once in possession of the ball the GK has 6 seconds to release the ball into play. The GK is not allowed to punt the ball but may put it down and play with his feet. The GK may not throw the ball over half without it bouncing or being touched. The GK may play the ball over half with his feet. Infringement - Free Kick from center mark.

Ball In & Out of Play: The ball is out of play when it travels entirely over the boundary lines, hits the lights, roof, baskets and when the referee stops play for some other reason. The ball is in play at all other times, including when it hits the referee or the goal posts. If the ball hits the lights, ceiling, baskets, etc…it is put back into play with a free kick from the spot closest to where the ball hit the lights, ceiling, etc…. If the ball travels over the sidelines it is put back into play with a kick-in. If the ball travels over the end line, it is a corner kick if last touched by the defending team and will be put into play by the GK if last touched by the attacking team. When the ball travels out of bounds it has to be put on the sideline and remain stationary before it can put back into play. Opposing players must give 5 yards to allow the ball to be played in.

Free Kicks & Restarts: the opposing team must IMMEDIATELY be 5 yards away from the ball. Direct and indirect kicks will be awards for the following offenses.

Direct free kick awarded when a player intentionally commits any of the following 11 offenses (penalty kick awarded when infringement takes place in penalty area)

• kicking or attempting to kick an opponent

• tripping an opponent

• jumping at an opponent

• charging an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner

• charging an opponent from behind

• striking, attempting to strike, or spitting at an opponent

• holding an opponent

• pushing an opponent

• charging an opponent with shoulder (i.e., shoulder charge)

• sliding at an opponent (i.e., sliding tackle)

• handling the ball (except goalkeeper)

Indirect free kick awarded when any of the following 8 offenses is committed (kick taken from the 6-meter line when infringement takes place in penalty area):

• dangerous play (e.g. attempting to kick ball held by goalkeeper)

• obstruction

• charging the goalkeeper in the penalty area (i.e., goalkeeper charge)

• goalkeeper throws ball directly over the halfway-line (without it first touching his own side of the pitch or any player)

• goalkeeper picks up or touches with his hands a back pass

• goalkeeper picks up or touches with his hands a kick-in from a teammate

Fouls & Misconducts: DISSENT Verbal or action; any player or team participating in dissent, verbal or non verbal (i.e., through gestures) to an official, opponent or staff (such as, but not limited to; questioning calls, and/or objection to call) will lead into a yellow card and/or ejection. Fighting, Instigating, Attempting to Instigate a Fight and/or Trash Talking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Players or teams participating in such violence, whether starting the altercation or not, may be removed from any further participation. The following progression is a guideline for an official to use, verbal warning; player must be removed from the field to cool down and it will give the player a chance to evaluate his play. Yellow card; player must be removed from the field to cool down and it will give the player a chance to evaluate his play. Red card; ejection, for players who display behavior that are inappropriate such as but not limited to persistence in fouls dissent and/or aggressive behavior. This also applies to any coaching staff member. Slide tackling is not allowed! No sliding within the vicinity of any opponents!!!!!!! The goalkeeper may slide within their own penalty area.

Important! Player/Team Suspensions: SC43 Futsal League has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for fighting, violent or other inappropriate behavior. Any PLAYER or COACH red carded MUST leave the players bench area IMMEDIATELY before the game will restart. Players or coaches receiving a red card or ejected before, during or after a game are automatically suspended for the following game.

Referee’s decisions on points of fact connected with play shall be final so far as result of the game is concerned.

Scoring – Point System and Tie Breaking Regulations:

3 points for a win

1 point for a tie

0 points for a loss

1. Head to Head

2. Goal differential (goals for minus goals against) up to 5 goals each game.

3. Fewest goals allowed.

4. Most goals scored – up to 5 per game.

5. Most shutouts.

6. Kicks from the mark

Penalty Kick Shoot-Out: Only applicable during Semi-finals and finals

Coin tossed to decide order. Five kicks to be taken by 5 different players selected from the suited players. The Coach announces these 5 to the main referee before the kicks are taken. If the two teams are still tied after 5 kicks, the additional kicks will be taken on a sudden-death basis by the rest of the players who have not kicked yet. Players sent off during the match are not eligible to take these kicks. Any eligible player may change places with his goalkeeper.