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Tiny Tots (U4-6) Introductory Program for 3-5 year old players


Program Goal: To give the players a fun introduction to the game of soccer. The players will take part in “circuit training,” which will require parent involvement. We will have a Staff Coach as a lead instructor, with practices being one day a week in the evenings. We will need parents involved in helping to offer guidance to the players at each “circuit.” Players will learn the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting and trapping. Each practice will end with some 3v3 scrimmages so that players can apply the skills that they have learned. The registration fee of $100 includes twelve weeks of instruction (6 in the Fall and 6 in the Spring), a personalized t-shirt, a soccer medal at the end of the year, and all required Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association fees.  REGISTER NOW!



Juniors (U7) Preparatory Program for 6 year old players

Program Goal: To help enhance the skills learned in the Tiny Tot program while gradually introducing the competitive aspect of the game. Players at this age group will continue to work on the core skills at every practice. In addition, we will start to introduce more of the “Laws of the Game.” Players will learn how to take proper throw-ins, corner kicks, and what fouls are. These things will be learned using the same “circuit training,” so parent involvement is still very important. Practices will once again be held one evening per week.

U7 (usually kids in 1st Grade) will practice one evening a week and play games on Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. at the East Troy Middle School. All games will follow a 4v4 format with NO goalkeepers. The registration fee of $100 includes twelve weeks of instruction (6 in the Fall and 6 in the Spring), a personalized t-shirt, and all required Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association fees. REGISTER NOW!



Recreational (U8-14) Developmental Program for U8-14 players, typically 2nd-8th grade)


Program Goal: In recreational soccer, our developmental program emphasizes fun and learning in an environment that fosters growth within the game.  Teams will be coached by volunteer parents, but our Recreational Program Coordinator will be available at every step to offer training assistance throughout the year. The Fall season begins in late August and runs through October.  The Spring season begins in early April and runs through late May.  Each season includes 6-8 league games involving neighboring clubs. 


Team Formation: At the U8 level team will be single age (U8) and teams will be coed. Games will follow a 4v4 format. Starting at U9 - U14 our goal is to form gender specific teams.  Sometimes numbers will force us to combine the age groups to form a team.  Additionally, scenarios may exist that would cause us to form coed teams at these age levels. Should the situation allow for a single age team (only U10, e.g.) or single gender teams (only girls, e.g.) rosters will be constructed to best accommodate the group as a whole. SC43 DOES NOT promise that teams will stay in tact from year to year! Teams will hold individual practice 1-2 times per week. With travel, both player and parent commitment levels will also increase. Practices will offer the players the opportunity to get multiple touches on the ball, develop skills in a stress free, environment, participate in age appropriate drills, and gradually get introduced to Tactical Soccer.


SC43 and the Stateline Soccer District have a 50% playing rule at these age groups.  Any player that is actively attending practices and games will be allowed to play 50% of the game as long as he/she is healthy (not injured, e.g.). The registration fee of $210 includes a full Adidas uniform kit on odd years (or new players) in addition to all staff coach, referee, league, administrative, equipment and field maintenance expenses. REGISTER NOW!


Game Formats: 

U8 - 4 v 4.  No Goalkeepers.  Games are played on a 30 yd x 40 yd field with mini goals. Offside will not be called.

U9/10 - 6 v 6 w/Goalkeepers.  Games are played on a 40 yd x 60 yd field with 6' x 18' goals.  Offside will be called.

U11/12 - 8 v 8 w/Goalkeepers. Games are played on a 50 yd x 80 yd field with 7' x 21' goals.  Offside will be called.

U13/14 - 11 v 11 w/Goalkeepers.  Games are played on a 65 yd x 110 yd field with 8' x 24' goals.  Offside will be called.




Select Program (U11-18) Designed for players looking to get the full soccer experience.
Program Goal: Our Select program provides the players the opportunity to learn and compete at a higher level and surrounded by other players who share the same desire. Coaches will hold players and parents to a higher standard, and playing time is determined on a case by case scenario.
Coaches will require players to maintain a high work rate at each training session with a large emphasis being placed on developing technical skills so that the team can begin to develop tactical strategies.
All teams are gender specific. Teams will typically practice 2 times per week, depending on the coach and the season. With increased practice also comes increased commitment, both by player and parent. Teams will compete in the Southeast Classic League, which will require travel to the Milwaukee Metro Area.
The Registration Fee of $675 (U11-14) or $525 (U15-18) includes a full Adidas uniform kit (home and away jersey) on even years (or new players) in addition to all staff coach, referee, outdoor league, 2 tournaments, administrative, equipment and field maintenance expenses. Players will also be given the opportunity to train over the winter when gym space is available. This may require additional fees. Please see below for a comparison between Recreational and Select Soccer so that you can decide which program best fits your child.  

What is Select Soccer?

Select soccer gives the better athletes and players the opportunity to:

- play soccer with the other better athletes and players

- improve their skills by having an extra 2 months or more of practice

- benefit from experienced coaching

- experience competing in top level leagues and tournaments

How is Select Soccer different from Recreational Soccer?

- Teams are formed through a tryout process, typically in June

- Coaches are experienced and are required to have a higher level of coach training

- Select practices start in late July or early August

- Teams usually go to 3 or more tournaments

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Below are links to the U4-U8 Inhouse Online Registration Instructions and the U8-U15 Recreational Online Registration Instructions. 

http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/17058/Step by Step SC43 In House League Registration Instructions.pdf

http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/17058/Step by Step SC43 Recreational League Registration Instructions.pdf